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Facts About Ficus Lyrata Every Gardener Should Be Aware Of

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Among the most common plants that you will find many homeowners having in their compounds or within their premises for decoration and beautification purposes is the Fiddle Leaf fig which is also known as Ficus Lyrata. It is being considered a significant plant when it comes to decor and beautification of the home due to its big, violin-shaped leaves. It also has waxy dark green foliage that perfectly contrasts with walls with neutral colors, light, and another furnishing. Aside from its beauty, the plant is durable and hence makes the perfect specimen to have it in the house. The plant is convenient for your home or office as you will not have to struggle about trimming or need to look for bigger space as you can decide on the size of the plant that you want. Some homeowners complain that they haven’t been successful in keeping the plant alive for long. Just like any other plant either used for decoration within the home or out in the compound, ample care needs to be taken in order to enable it to thrive better.

Owing to the fact that it is the plant that originated from the tropics, it requires warm and wet conditions which might be a challenge to provide it while indoors. With proper conditions, however, the plant easily adapts which makes it essential for one to understand how to care for it. When it comes to lighting, the plant requires bright and consistent sunlight. You can achieve by turning it towards a sunny window when it begins growing leaning towards it. If you might end up in a room with a limited amount of sunlight, there are limited chances that the plant will grow and give you the result that you had expected. To avoid the cases of the plant dying before it even gets the chance to grow, you should ensure that it gets enough amount of water on a constant basis. The the reason that the plant is preferred by many people is due to the fact that it can last for a long time before the need to water it again. When you are having a problem or limited time to check on the plant it is vital that you get to hire a gardener to take care of it.

During the first few weeks after purchasing, it is not necessary to put any fertilizer as it still utilizes the nutrients from the nursery. It is, however, essential to check on the plant and look out for any signs that it is lacking nutrients like yellow leaves. Due to its large leaves, figs can be cleaned easily by wiping the leaves with a wet cloth. The other way to maintain the plant well is through pruning so that it doesn’t become bushy in a way that you do not desire.

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